Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) infection: Advice for patients, consultants and staff

With both the pressure on the London NHS and the lockdown measures slowly easing, LUA are opening up their services as well. Our telephone line is now manned daily between 09.00-17.00 and our office staff are replying quickly to all emails.  We can offer telephone, video or face to face (only for urgent cases) consultations now and imaging is available for urgent cases as well. If you do have a Urological condition causing you distress or significant symptoms please do not hesitate to contact us now.  If you have an ongoing condition we can still arrange remote consultations to assess you and plan things from there.

We are open for business with all COVID precautions taken as appropriate.



All of our London Urology Associates' consultants are leaders and recognised experts in their respective field. They all hold London NHS teaching hospital appointments and work as a close-knit team, in partnership for the good of their patients. Together, they share a commitment to provide the highest standard of integrated urological care using their established expertise combined with state of the art methods.

Each consultant sub-specialises in a different area of urology, allowing London Urology Associates to offer comprehensive treatment for a wide variety of problems – from adolescent urology to kidney stones to prostate cancer to infertility.

The group combine the individual expertise of each consultant to give London Urology Associates the ability to offer comprehensive treatment for all varieties of urological conditions and care for the most complex cases. 


To make an enquiry or book an appointment with one of the London Urology Associates consultants please contact the team at the practice: 

020 7224 5089

18 Devonshire Street

London W1G 7AF

Practice Manager: Mary McFeeley

020 7034 5016

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